Ocean Productivity

Ocean Productivity

Tiny phytoplankton (or perhaps better known as algae) form the foundation of nearly all marine food webs, including the resources and food that we depend on from the ocean. This lesson plan explores the world of marine phytoplankton and their key role in the Arctic ecosystem. You will find beautiful microscopic snapshots, fascinating photos of algae stuck to the bottom of sea ice, and images of phytoplankton from space. This lesson is ~27 minutes long and is based on the Arctic Eider Society classroom lesson plan on ocean productivity (meant for grades 6-12).

Mini-lesson Required Materials

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Account on SIKU.org

Lesson Plan Preview

External Links:

PDF of the classroom version of the lesson plan for instructors

PDF of the student version of the lesson plan for students

Underwater Arctic ice algae video

NASA satellite orbiting videos

NASA chlorophyll-a imagery video