Community-Driven Research Network

Community-Driven Research Network

Inuit and Cree hunters have traveled across the marine environments in Hudson Bay for generations, gaining in-depth knowledge of sea ice habitats and wildlife ecology. A comprehensive synthesis of Indigenous knowledge collected over the last 30 years has identified key data gaps and priorities for research. Guided by visionary projects like Voices from the Bay, the National Inuit Strategy on Research, and ongoing collaboration and consultation with communities and regional organizations, the Arctic Eider Society is setting precedents for Indigenous self-determination in research and building community capacity to address issues of food security, safety and environmental stewardship.

Current Projects

The integration and synergies of our interdisciplinary programs and organization goals are one of our strongest assets. In addition to the overview found here, many detailed results of programs are shared in near-real time on

“This is how it all got started, sitting in a box watching ducks”

Capturing underwater footage of eiders as they dove below sea ice was the foundation for innovative research programs and led to the creation of the Arctic Eider Society

Tools & Techniques

We take the best of new and proven technology, Inuit knowledge, ingenuity and high-tech inspiration to deliver cutting-edge programs and outcomes that support community priorities as well as education, training and stewardship.